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Meeta’s Gurukul has a mission to bring kids closer to their roots. It uses language and Indian culture as one root towards it. One of the key offerings from Meeta’s Gurukul includes Hindi classes for Kids aged 6-12 in a simple friendly way by teachers who are very experienced and know how kids can be engaged. It also focused on bringing Indian cultural values in the form of our traditions and imparting knowledge about our Festivals and rich history through Stories and simple illustrations with its two popular courses.

Our Courses

Effective learning doesn’t have to be boring! Build your skills each day with engaging exercises and playful characters. We make it easy to form a habit of language learning, with game-like features, fun challenges, and amazing revision techniques 


The Hindi language has emigrated to all parts of the world, and the noteworthy use of the language is in its country of origin – India. A large number of languages and dialects are spoken there, and no single one is spoken by all.

If you have decided to teach Hindi to your kids and are at the crossroad on how to begin, then look no further. Hindi teaching to kids may seem an easy task but with the ways, our expert Meeta child is sure to pick up the threads. Just tickle the curiosity and the interest levels of your child, and you are on the road to progress.

 We give our undivided attention to kids in which

  • 16 hours focused conversational Hindi + simple reading skills.
  • 24 hours on Hindi conversation, reading, and introduction to Hindi writing.

Course offer additional Indian cultural and moral values knowledge integrated within role plays, storytelling sessions, etc. 

Our Professional Tutor Meeta has a great level of experience in fun Teaching and Handling 




On a high level, Our syllabus and Methodology covers

Base Formation

Hindi alphabets Recognition with pictures, and correct pronunciation.

Everyday conversational Hindi (greetings, bodyparts, everyday objects, etc)

Conversational grammar (singular/plural, gender, tense, punctuations, etc.)

Different objects recognition with their Hindi names displayed through flash cards.

Vocabulary Skills

Speaking practice using role plays ( eg. dialogue with grandparents/shopping, trips, playdates, etc)

Vocabulary improvement using story telling sessions,

Exposure to Indian values using quotes/shlokas/idioms

Hindi conversation with Role play and dialogue

Study Skills

Reading (in structured way- starting with non-matra word to complex words/sentences)

Hindi Grammar with practice worksheets and revision exercises matra word to complex words/sentences)

Writing alphabets, names, simple words/sentence

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Let’s make your Child’s  Summer Vacation Super Awesome By learning about Indian Culture and Languages just sitting at your home and investing some time of your children to explore new world

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